My Goal for your website

Give you Authority, Trust and Popularity

The structural hierarchy intimate with your navigation is one of the largest players in gaining authority.  We want the deepest pages in your website to rank as well as your home page.  Unfortunately, most Search Engines (sans the major ones like Google, Bing, and Yahoo) do not index that much of your site if it has ‘determined’ that the information does not pertain to the overall theme of your site, thus the pages simply wont get the recognition to increase your website rankings.  A clean and orderly structure in your navigation and page hierarchy will create a more pleasurable and pleasant websurfer experience on your website.  Results of these changes will increase your click through ratio (so people can get to the ‘money’ pages) and overall endorse the relevancy of your site to have it become a hub for your type of service or specific product.

I facilitate the acknowledgement of these deep website pages by creating a varied yet fully strategic linking plan. Simply linking to them is not enough if the source is not relevant.  I have a linking network of over 30,000 sites of varying authority and categories.  We do our best to source links from relevant articles, related sites, and Trusted web entities; this way you become viral in your own network.  Not only that, but we focus our efforts to return the highest ROI that your site can provide!  We also examine your website for potential interlinking issues that could be ‘overkill’, ‘misguided’ or ‘under-utilized.’  All results are for the end goal of achieving Profits out of your web entities.  PLEASE NOTE:  No Changes will be applied your your site without your confirmed approval..


Linking Campaign:

The second most important factor in determining your position in the Search Engines is your Link Popularity; it’s a huge component in their algorithm.  Even a web-site that conforms to every webmaster rule is NOT guaranteed rank without a correctly optimized linking campaign.  I have been working in this industry for over 8 years now, and information technology for 15 years!  I have learned what matters in the end and what direction to go to show you the quickest results.  Experience ranged from developing relationships with bloggers, project/campaign management, immediate implementation of client requests, and multi-cross platform/A/B testing. (Click HERE to View My Technical Resume)  I am efficient and organized, everything I do is documented.  This is not only for accurate tracking, but is also used as a reflection tool to determine how to use our time most efficiently.

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