Defining My Service

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My service is based on the concept of Search Engine Optimization, not necessarily the rules.  Now, I know you are wondering ‘what does that mean?!?!?!’

Essentially, my services are based on the main concept of what “search engines” want to deliver to their organic surfers: exactly what they want.

My experience with an Agency lead me to understand that the way to operate was based on the idea of manipulating the Search Engines, not just providing what people wanted.  They would create crap content stuffed with Keywords at just below the ‘spam count.’  … uncomprehendable (Shifferism?; sorry inside joke), and provide services based on the tactics of 1999.  As you may, or may not know, Google changes their algorithm 500 +/- ~50 times a year; more than once a day.   They are becoming extremely efficient. For example, my girlfriend’s new Android phone now tells you exactly where you were when you took a picture..  could this be google’s “accidental” way of getting into your house?  Using facial recognition tied in with who you communicate with most on Facebook?  How private do you think your life really is?   I know it’s an outlandish thought, yet, it does seem possible and plausible.    This thought is just one of 1000 thoughts that go through my head on a daily basis; cause to me it’s a matter of time, not a matter of ‘if.’   I wouldn’t call it paranoia, because I don’t really care what they know about me; I’m a good person and I ‘pay it forward’ on a daily basis… sh#t, I hope they make a documentary on me, just because I set an example: I treat others how I would want to be treated.   I don’t look at my neighbor’s plate to see if they got more than me, I look to make sure they have enough.

My services are based on the idea of 1/5 of what it would have normally cost: $300 for a $1500 package.   I deliver results, not just reports.

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